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Expand on a pervious piece, - Essay Example

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Self Reflection Name: Instructions: Task: Date: Self Reflection The art of writing is a gift. Like any other gifts and talents, writing skills if not well kept and appreciated tend to fade away. As a result, I promised to always give the best of my ability to my writing skills and practices…
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Expand on a pervious piece,
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Download file to see previous pages I would like to admit that the various writing assignments that we have always been given in class coupled together with my extensive research on writing skills have influenced my approach to language. On the other hand, attitude is the determinant of success in each and every realm. Fundamentally, the word can be defined as an individual’s perception on a specified objective and the means by which he or she strives to achieve the goal. Geared to achieve comprehensive success in the second half of the class, I have decided to put my attitude and priorities right. I believe it all begins with me. Nobody was born perfect; instead each and every successful individual began from a point. I, therefore, believe that I can also make it to be the best writer in the world. As a result, I have promised to read widely and wildly in preparation for the next term. I hope my efforts shall not be in vain but instead shall sharpen my skills to the next level. Dales The beauty of the scenery of the Youlgreave village in Derbyshire is unbelievable. I had never been to the gorgeous rural community before. However, mum’s glamorous and attractive depiction of the parish as a home of natural beauty often aroused my anxiety. As a result, I gradually developed a far-fetched desire to have a personal experience and a clear view of the Promised Land. For that reason, when I heard that my class was to visit the village, I was as blissful as a creepy-crawly in a hearth rug; perhaps the most happy in the class. Certainly, I was not going to sleep on the frivolous night before the D-day of pure magic. Just to ensure that everything was in place, I decided to pack my clothes in my travel bag. In addition, I was not going to put on any other dress other than the best outfit in my closet. My younger brother, James, could not believe that I was going for a trip to Dales. He was also an admirer of the virtually remarkably attractive village. Perhaps he felt jealous. However, he knew I could not carry him with me and even if I would, I am sure he could not have put up with the large company of my classmates. On that wonderful morning, I woke up earlier than anybody else at home. I took a cold bath and dressed up in my favorite outfit. A few minutes later, mum got up from bed and immediately headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the family. She was surprised to find me already dressed. She is always the first to get up from bed. She wakes up at around 5.00 am to prepare breakfast and clean the compound. However, to find me awake that early on that particular day was certainly untainted mystery. She had a reason to be that surprised. Mum is always a staunch cook; to me, she is the best chef in the world. So when she brought the breakfast to the table, I could actually guess how delicious it was going to be. Mum beckoned me over with a wave to join her in the kitchen to help carry the sweat smelling food to the dining hall. The dining table was pleasantly arranged and within a few minutes; everybody sat around the table. James, my apparent admirer, sat next to me while mum and dad sat on the opposite edge of the table. The meal was extraordinarily mouth-watering. Perhaps mum prepared with a target of making me happy on my best day. Of course, she had succeeded. A few minutes later, I took off to the school compound where we had purposed to meet. I was not going to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Expand on a Pervious Piece, Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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