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Discuss Freud's theory of the unconscious and give all the examples of Freudian psychodynamic techniques that aim to make the unconscious conscious - Essay Example

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His greatest achievement lies in his identification of human unconscious, which he thought is the major determinant of human personality. He named it psychoanalytic theory and founded the three components of…
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Discuss Freuds theory of the unconscious and give all the examples of Freudian psychodynamic techniques that aim to make the unconscious conscious
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Discuss Freud's theory of the unconscious and give all the examples of Freudian psychodynamic techniques that aim to make the unconscious conscious

Download file to see previous pages... These unconscious forces represent primitive instinctual drives and ideal person that a person wishes to be. However, human conscious plays a balancing role in the personality. To explain id, one can say that it represents the natural inborn instinctual drives of food, sex and shelter. Id encourages one’s self to go about fulfilling these drives. It is these primitive drives that id encourages person to fulfill these desires. On the other hand, we have another conscious force known as super ego. Super ego represents the ideal person we wish to be in the eyes of other. It therefore encourages a person to be become perfectionist and to always do the socially correct thing. However, this again is not always possible and person needs to balance the id and the super ego. This balancing is provided by the presence of ego. Ego is one’s conscious personality which balances the desires of id and super ego. It is necessary because we can neither fulfill our instinctual drives and needs to look at the time and space and we cannot be perfectionists because we have to make a lot of compromises if to live a successful life.
All of the above discussion was about the unconscious personality in humans which Sigmund Freud talked about. In fact he was the founder and was the first one to promulgate this concept. There was no such concept before that and his definition and introduction of human conscious opened the doors for various future psychological research. He believed that actions and behaviors of every human are linked to unconscious and this is linked to development. To further elaborate the concept he introduced new concepts of ego, superego and id which are discussed above. He named his approach as psychoanalytic approach. The major problem for the psychologists following this approach and for Sigmund Freud himself was how to unearth this unconscious of human beings. According to Freud, since human beings themselves are not aware about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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