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Different people have unique perceptions of stress depending on an interplay of a multitude of factors. The reaction to stress takes into account the physiological mechanism in the human body, the health status of the individual, as well as…
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Stress and work
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"Stress and work"

Download file to see previous pages Work is necessary to earn income to support man’s basic needs and to give one of the privileges for leisure.
The objective of this essay is to discuss the results obtained from three assessments required to be completed in relation to conflict resolution, healthy behaviors, and barriers to behaving healthfully. The assessment for health behaviors covers six sections: safety; alcohol, tobacco and drugs; sexual behavior; eating habits; exercise and fitness; and stress control.
Concurrently, a stress management technique focusing on diverse kinds of meditation is suggested to be practiced during the course of the exercise. A discussion of the expectations prior and after engaging in the activity would likewise be presented. The kinds of meditation one can select from are as follows: nadam, mantra, koans, pranayama, napanasati.
Conflicts arise when the interests of people do not coincide. A number of approaches have been developed to resolve conflicts between individuals and groups. They range from avoidance strategies to third-party mediation and intergroup training. Conflicts cannot actually be eliminated. However, its scope and intensity can be controlled.
The assessment on conflict resolution revealed that I basically resolve conflicts through compromise. I got a score of 26. I agree with the results in terms of engaging in mutual exchange of concessions to arrive at a decision which is amenable to conflicting parties. I would not like to impose terms which would be detrimental to the other party – as I would likewise not like to be at the disadvantaged end. I perceive this method of conflict resolution the fairest as the solution is acceptable to both sides.
The scores to the following assessments are itemized as follows: 1. Safety – 90; 2. Alcohol, tobacco and drugs – 99; 3. Sexual behavior – 90; 4. Eating habits – 75; 5. Exercise and fitness – 69; and 6. Stress Control – 85.
Therefore, I garnered excellent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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