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Assessing user needs in tourist information centres - Essay Example

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One important aim of tourism marketing is using the assessed information to impact travellers’ tour in a state by extending the days of their stay and prompting visitors to spend more. Tourism departments and tourist promotion companies have stakes in providing tourists’ new…
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Assessing user needs in tourist information centres
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Download file to see previous pages About 32% of the travellers stopped to get tourism related information. Common reasons of staying at tourist information centres were easy reach, rest rooms and comfort and not leaving the interstate. 52% of the surveyed welcomed the idea of tourist information centres away from the interstate locations. Tourist information centres are, thus, crucial communication channels in tourism promotion by arousing curiosity of travellers about tourist destinations. The survey indicates the dire need of developing some system to fulfill travellers’ information-needs (Fesenmaier, 1994).
A visitor information centre is a First Stop for travellers. Its refreshing, appealing and aesthetic surrounding adds to the charm of a visiting place. The visitor centre of Old Naples is a model of the reputation and growth, the Old Naples has made. The visitor centre is equipped with interactive bells and whistles, booths, kiosks, and visuals. Features include:
Visitors stop by the information centres for a number of other reasons like to view the calendar of events on roll, to pick up their savings card, avail internet access, read restaurant recommended and reviewed, avail discounted hotels and get reservation, get information on visiting destinations and rental’s information (
According to research made by Li, Hwang, and Fesenmaier, University of Illinois, tourist information centres are used mostly to get information on highway maps (82.1%), Illinois Travel Guide (26.9%), Appealing information (23.7%), residing information (21.7%), and recreational activity information (13.8%). The least accessed information was on area guides (6.4%), shopping (5.1%), and Golf Illinois Guide (3.4%). Interesting thing came to the notice was that those who visited the information centre for information gathered a good chunk of travel material in comparison to other visitors. Relevancy of trends was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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