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Motivators For Tourist Trips To Different Destinations - Essay Example

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Tourism is the activity of individuals traveling to various places and staying in destinations outside their common surroundings. The paper "Motivators For Tourist Trips To Different Destinations" discusses constantly industry's adapt to the customer's ever changing needs and wants…
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Motivators For Tourist Trips To Different Destinations
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Extract of sample "Motivators For Tourist Trips To Different Destinations"

Download file to see previous pages Both outbound and inbound tourism have had a stable growth in tourists. The type and state of weather and climate are a major influence of tourist destinations. The state of the atmosphere in a given place at a particular time describes weather while climate is the prevailing condition of the atmosphere determined after a long period of surveillance(Avraham&Ketter, 2008).The travel and tourism industry has been a major contributor to the economy for a long period. Both outbound and inbound tourism have had a stable growth in tourists. The type and state of weather and climate are a major influence of tourist destinations. The state of the atmosphere in a given place at a particular time describes weather while climate is the prevailing condition of the atmosphere determined after a long period of surveillance(Avraham&Ketter, 2008).Climate is one of the elements of geography that constitute geographical space, contributing to the environmental conditions that encourage or hinder tourism. People seek to settle in areas that offer the highest comfort and chances of existence in terms of climate. Following this fact, the climate is considered to delimit optimal zones for tourism both at a regional and global scale. For instance, the warm temperate zones are considered optimal for beach and sun tourism.Where tourism uses geographical space, it is because there is specific components which depending on how they are appreciated socially, can be exploited and subsequently assimilated into tourism as a good or service. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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