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Impact of Internet Usage On the Tourism Industry - Essay Example

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In 2010 19% of tourists travelled into some developed countries. The purpose of this paper is to critically analyse and review the role of the Internet in the tourism industry. It will commence by examining the main reasons why people utilise the Internet in the holiday planning and booking. …
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Impact of Internet Usage On the Tourism Industry
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Extract of sample "Impact of Internet Usage On the Tourism Industry"

Download file to see previous pages The research identifies that there is strong evidence that the Internet usage shapes the context within which people plan their holidays and make bookings. This is due to some push and pull factors on the part of consumers as well as some industry-wide factors that have evolved over the years.
This paper makes a conclusion that the main push factors for the use of the Internet in holiday planning and booking include convenience, completeness, comparability, accuracy and discounts and the reflection of contemporary values of individualism. There are other pull factors which mainly relates to the structuring of tourism entities that encourages the use of the Internet to plan and book tours. First of all, for competition purposes, most firms utilise the Internet and other forms of online communication to share information with clients and also pursue their quest for survival. Secondly, there are search engines that makes it convenient for potential tourists to acquire information and also for tourist operators to share their information. Due to the fact that there is a lot of cooperation in the tourism industry, most information about tourism destinations are online. And this again causes planners and bookers to go online to get more information about the destinations they hope t visit. Therefore, it is apparent that the Internet shapes the context for business in the tourism industry and this in turn gets workers and consumers to visit the sites and plan real and actual visits to sites of interest. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Impact of Internet Usage On the Tourism Industry Essay.
“Impact of Internet Usage On the Tourism Industry Essay”, n.d.
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