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Consumer Behavior Involved in Obtaining, Consuming and Disposing of Products - Essay Example

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The reporter states that the procedure that a consumer undertakes to choose or purchase and use a product or service is defined as the consumer behavior process. Moreover, consumer behavior is a very complex subject including many intricacies…
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Consumer Behavior Involved in Obtaining, Consuming and Disposing of Products
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Extract of sample "Consumer Behavior Involved in Obtaining, Consuming and Disposing of Products"

Download file to see previous pages Consumer behavior is a very complex subject including many intricacies. Consumer behavior has been defined by Engel, Blackwell and Miniard (1995) as:
Consumer behavior is those activities directly involved in obtaining, consuming and disposing of products and service including the decision processes that precede and follows these actions (Horner and Swarbrooke 1999).
The subject matter of consumer behavior is very interesting and fascinating but it is regarded difficult to research because many qualitative factors come in to play when a consumer is trying to make a purchase. The consumer behavior with respect to tourism is particularly interesting because it involves many emotional factors. People tend to spend extravagantly on holidays and much goes into contemplating and planning before making the actual choice of the holiday destination.
Holidays tend to provide the consumers with a chance to escape and revitalize their spirits. The holiday is decided after much contemplation because of the expenses, wide array of choices and their potential to be the highlight of the consumer’s whole year. It is a very high involvement purchase for the consumers especially when it involves a high proportion of income.
When the consumers are making their choice for a holiday, they are influenced by internal and external motivators and determinants in their decision-making processes. The correct measurement of these motivators and determinants can help determine the decision-making process of the consumers.
Consumers are affected by different motivators and determinants when they are making their choice of holidays and tourism. The experience of purchasing a holiday, for example, will be very different from the experience of purchasing an everyday food item in a supermarket. Tourism is defined as a short-term movement of people to places some distance from their normal place of residence to indulge in pleasurable activities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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