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Mongolia Tourism Article - Essay Example

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The study by Yu and Goulden (2006) sought to examine Mongolia’s international tourism development in the decade preceding 2006. Additionally, the study sought to analyze the satisfaction of tourists who visited Mongolia in regards to tourist attractions, facilities,…
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Mongolia Tourism Article
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Extract of sample "Mongolia Tourism Article"

Download file to see previous pages The outcomes of the study were utilized in making recommendations to the Mongolian tourism authority on efficient targeting of its international tourism market and improvement of tourism services in the country.
2. A number of factors have influenced the growth of international tourism in Mongolia. The collapse of the eastern European communism system, poor economic conditions, forest fires and adverse weather conditions made international tourism in Mongolia to deteriorate between 1990 and 1997. Business activities brought tourists from China and Russia Federation across Mongolia and this led to a sharp improvement in Mongolian international tourism in 1998. Other factors that improved tourism in Mongolia include favorable visa regulations that enabled tourists to get visas at the Mongolian border. The National Tourism Board that was promulgated in 1995 helped market Mongolia as a favorable tourism destination. Businesspeople from Korea and Japan who worked in Mongolia spread news back in their home countries about Mongolia. The internet helped raise awareness about Mongolia, increased accessibility to travel advertising and reservations and made them less costly. The good impression that Mongolia created in its early Japanese and Korean visitors was another factor in the improvement of tourism in the country (Yu & Goulden, 2006).
3. Cognitive dimension is one of the constructs through which tourism satisfaction can be viewed. The dimension entails tourists’ experience with services. Tourists’ reaction to service performance is captured in the affective dimension of tourism. Systemic dimension of tourism articulates the disparity between the services that tourists expect and things that they get while on the ground. The cross-cultural dimensions of tourism emphasize the impact that cultural difference has on tourists’ perception of service delivery and quality. The dimension reckons that the difference between the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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