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Response Journal to the novel The Cashier by Gabrielle Roy - Essay Example

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This synthesis is achieved while reading the novel, wherein the sentences stating his thoughts brewed from one structure to another. An incoherence that is set in a time…
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Response Journal to the novel The Cashier by Gabrielle Roy
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"Response Journal to the novel The Cashier by Gabrielle Roy"

Download file to see previous pages People begin to anticipate and this anticipation, when added with a sprinkling of skepticism, results to overreaction.
Overreaction is more than what Alexandre displayed. Even when he is supposed to be having a normal life, though not one that is grandeur, he reminds himself of the worse facets of life and disregards that he still lives and breathes. For him life is a constant reminder of how everyone in the world must be prepared in war. In fact, he has been informed through encyclopedias that the global community each has their own take on war and the armaments that go with it. Although this thought does not comfort him, he believes that everyone must feel the same—that everyone should have be prepared for the changes of life.
The actor has the habit of spending most of his moments thinking about the most trivial things and then instantly shifts to another course that is entirely different. The randomness of his take on the things that are happening all over the world is a manifestation of the mantra that he believes has happened to him. As time goes by, life has taken the best of him. “During his life he had lost a great number of things, and almost always the best things – first his youth, and then his health, and now his sleep (Roy, 1954).” Obviously, this included his sanity.
Although it cannot be said that he is becoming insane, it can be concluded that his inability to focus on a specific matter without drifting to another stream of thoughts completely unrelated marks the beginning of his insanity. His thoughts begin with trivial, common thoughts characteristic of someone who lacks enough sleep and is distraught by how life has shown its cruel side. He has been under the roughest conditions, without decent clothes to live by and a partner who cannot think about important things.
Indeed some of his thoughts are very profound, considering that he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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