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The responses of the motor carrier industry following the attack of 9/11 - Assignment Example

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It is one of the biggest freight systems in the U.S. having the capacity to ferry up to 85% of the total cargo. Using it as a target in fulfilling the attack mission…
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The responses of the motor carrier industry following the attack of 9/11
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Extract of sample "The responses of the motor carrier industry following the attack of 9/11"

The Responses of the Motor Carrier Industry Following the Attack of 9/11 Introduction The terror attack on 9th September 2001 lefta nagging question in regards to motor carrier industry security. It is one of the biggest freight systems in the U.S. having the capacity to ferry up to 85% of the total cargo. Using it as a target in fulfilling the attack mission was a huge blow to the country’s steady economy. As an industry, it responded appropriately to cover up and prevent future security threats but there are long-term effects that are evident to date.
In response to the attack, motor carriers taken security matter seriously and thus their decision to implement vehicle tracking. This was done to ensure a reduction in theft and hijacking of cargo by terrorists who may want to take advantage of the situation to fulfill their dubious missions. Security experts consider the use of vehicle tracking and immobilization technologies in combination with other security plans can offer the best defensive mechanisms against attacks. Most motor carrier companies have made suggestions to the Federal government to make amendments in regards to the degree of hazardous cargo they are allowed to ferry (Craig et al., 2010). This is because the current stipulations are generalized and may be a gateway to another attack.
Most motor carrier companies relied on the Just in Time (JIT) method. However, since the 9/11 attack, most industries have since closed down due to truck delays caused by heavy inspections. This is because the JIT concept which was over relied upon failed thus impacting production processes (Ready et al., 2003). In addition, the fuel costs have been increasing since then. This can be attributed to the increased jams on major highways and inspection units.
The 9/11 attack had a huge impact on major businesses that saw the country’s economy fall suddenly. The motor carrier, being the most reliable in ferrying cargo was a victim of this due to ignorance in its security checks. However, it managed to respond and reshape itself strategically. This saw almost 11 motor carrier companies fall out. In the long run, the attack caused the closure of huge industries along the Canadian border and a relative increase in fuel prices (Nadler et l., 2009).
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