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Stance Agency and Affectedness: A Critical Linguistic Analysis - Research Paper Example

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The paper is aimed at the investigation into the stance and agency and affectedness in the two chosen news articles, one from CNN and the other from Al-Jazeera news. The news is a particular sphere of the language application which involves both the ability to represent and introduce certain pieces of information…
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Stance Agency and Affectedness: A Critical Linguistic Analysis
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Extract of sample "Stance Agency and Affectedness: A Critical Linguistic Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages My investigation is based on the register analysis from the perspective of the field and tenor of the texts. It will also consider the ways the stance, the agency, and the affectedness is represented in the texts under critical linguistic analysis. This means that, in particular, it will be revealed who the actors, or the doors of the actions, are, what ideological, value and worldview the authors convey, and who the affected part is in the consequence of the action taking by its doer.
I think that, the importance of this investigation aside, my analysis can be beneficial in terms of detecting the author’s role in conveying the informative messages by means of the texts which are addressed to mass audience (because they are delivered to it through the mass media) and will describe which features these texts contain from this point of view.
The main conceptual themes for the investigation involves the use of ‘field’ and ‘tenor’, that is, systemic functional grammar, and relevant concepts of linguistic theory that associate to the terms. They fit the Halliday functional grammar analysis in terms of consideration of the processes, participants and circumstances, and the register components such as the tenor and the field. (O’Donnell, M., 2012, 2).
In modern life, the news and the mass media through which it is conveyed to the audience makes a considerable part of the social and societal activity. This is explained by several reasons some of which may be not obvious but not less significant due to this phenomenon. The first reason comes out from the destination of the news – informing the audience, for example, the population in case of nationwide information agencies and newspapers which are read by the biggest part of the citizens, about the current phenomena, events, and trends in all the spheres of human activity through the whole world. In this regard it is necessary to mention that there are certain ways of information delivery – online, that is, the news is accessed on the internet, printed information which includes, obviously, newspapers, magazines or any other physical information carriers on which the news is printed, and TV or radio broadcasting by means of the news channels or programmes on air.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stance Agency and Affectedness: A Critical Linguistic Analysis Research Paper - 1.
“Stance Agency and Affectedness: A Critical Linguistic Analysis Research Paper - 1”, n.d.
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