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Daniel Pinkwaters novel The Boy from Mars - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes Daniel Pinkwater’s 1979 novel "The Boy from Mars", that is a novel that tells the story of a portly kid named Leonard Neeble who moves to his new home West Kangaroo Park and goes to his new school where he suffers greatly from other boys. …
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Daniel Pinkwaters novel The Boy from Mars
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Download file to see previous pages The paper interestingly and clearly shows that the characteristic of "The Boy from Mars" is a children’s story and still have some inklings of an adult discussion that makes the story so artistic. The story may be discussing adult topics such as repressive governments, dimensional travel, and interplanetary travel but it is full of puns, nonsense words, one-liners, vivid imagery, and allusions to other books (some of them his food, and popular culture) that makes it so amusing and childlike.
This novel of Daniel Pinkwater novels invariably pounces on the weirdness that underpins everyday life but in spite of the seeming wackiness and childishness of Alan Mendelsohn: "The Boy from Mars" can also be seriously taken as a fable about liberating power of fantasy. Here in the story, the characters are able to cope better with a mundane and deadening world by entering into one of excitement where they are included and admired.
Hence it can be concluded that the ability of the story is childish and absurd and still generate fondness from adults that makes it so artistic. It is in this regard that I agree with Silvey (1995) who said that Alan Mendelsohn: "The Boy from Mars" is "that rarity, a children's fantasy that is truly contemporary in sensibility as well as setting. It's funny, properly paranoid, shot through with bad puns and sweet absurdities." It seems a little wacky and the story's details are sometimes downright bonkers but it captivates the mind of everyone and that is truly an art.
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