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Novel Response - Essay Example

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The picture created is based on one who was supposed to be a leader but snatched the opportunity by a click that used the chance in a wrong way. P. 34 “The worst of sleeping out of doors is that one wakes up so…
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Novel Response
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Download file to see previous pages However, somehow despite the hostile environment and state, immediate sense of awe and wonder that is evoked is felt. The members come to realize that they play a vital role individually and corporately to return the land. P. 72 "Shall we head up further for him, to the crags? Theres an Ogre or two and could introduce a Hag to it, up there." "Certainly not," said Caspian. "I should think not, indeed," said Truffle-hunter. "The same variety needs nothing on the minor." Besides the appropriate requirements. The imagination of the sense of unity and responsibility drives them to stand up for change in something real. P. 187 “However, the new bout went well. The shield may have certainly been used well by Peter and make use his feet skillfully. He almost played Tig with Miraz; shifting his ground to keep out of range, making the enemy work.” It is all about taking steps driven by the desire for change in order to attain the destroyed glory. (Lewis)
The main conflict in the book is leadership tussle between a prince who is fighting for his crown and a false king who has taken the mantle. The prince was dethroned because he was young. Therefore, he was seen as not capable of leading. It narrows down to a battle of only two men who are to determine the fate of the entire world. This conflict is an external conflict that later involves all the members of the land. The conflict is resolved through battle and unity amongst the members of the land ending up in victory.
The most favorable part is when Miraz is challenged by Peter to a High King duel. Peter become victorious as Miraz had tripped over a tussock and could never get up. Lord Glozelle whom he had earlier insulted in revenge killed him. The Narnians did the consequent battle with the help of Aslan. Finally Caspian is crowned as King of Narnia by Aslan, and this resulted to the door opening at the edge of the cliff. Telmarines who had gathered were give an option to choose to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Novel Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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