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Critique of an article in Educational Leadership - Future High Education Leaders Critique - Essay Example

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The article ‘Future Leaders: the way forward?’ deals with the leadership development programmes and successive planning in the backdrop of recruitment and retention crisis of senior school leaders in the United Kingdom. It explains that the crisis emanating from demographic…
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Critique of an article in Educational Leadership - Future High Education Leaders Critique
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"Critique of an article in Educational Leadership - Future High Education Leaders Critique"

Download file to see previous pages The solution to this recruitment crisis as suggested by the National College for School Leadership (NCSL) is to identify people with leadership talents so that they could be trained early in the fields of leadership and provide them with a greater number of role models. Hence, Future Leaders leadership is a development programme that works to mitigate such crisis through the process of making high-skilled individuals suitable for headship. Given this background, this article evaluates the Future Leaders leadership development programme through the assessment of case studies and interviews of the participants in the programme. Further the future of the headship and the Future Leaders programme is analyzed with respect to the matters of sustainability, enrollment and retention.
The Futures Leaders leadership development programme was introduced to fill in the dearth of school teachers in leading roles especially in the schools located in the urban areas. The objective was to form a genre of leaders who are willing to commit their future professions in the field of leadership in urban schools. The goal was to increase the band containing head teachers so that they can be recruited as and when required in urban complex schools.
The programme has been built up in the lines of NLNS (New Leaders for New Schools) programme in New York. The members of the NCSL, ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and SSAT (Specialist Schools and Academies Trust) developed the Future Leaders vocational programme in 2006. Along with the above mentioned objectives, the Future Leaders programme also aims to recruit individuals from non-traditional fields offer a new mode of recruiting senior staffs in urban schools along with a pioneering approach that would manage risk. It gives the teachers and individuals not attached with schools an alternative approach that would help them attain a fast track ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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