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It is a database management system that is based on a popular model of relational model. This model was devised by E. F. Codd. It is a DBMS that manages…
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Database Design & Development
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Download file to see previous pages The data which is found in the table columns cannot be repeated.
RDBMS are considered to be simple and flexible systems because data in tables is easier to understand. It can be considered flexible because users are not required to use predefined keys to enter data in the system. Users can easily add, create and access data whenever needed (Chaterjee 2005).
Enterprise system can be defined as application software package that integrates the data in the organization to support processes, information access and reporting etc. RDBMS can be considered as an enterprise system since they also integrate organization information at one base which is then used for later access or modification. Enterprise systems are usually based on relational database. Both of these packages provide the user with a medium to automate their organizational process and reduce man-hours. RDBMS enables multi-user access to the data just like it is enabled in enterprise system. Main features of RDBMS;
It can be defined as a relational model database server, which organizes data at in one centralized point for multi-user access. It ensures consistency and integrity at every instance in its execution. It is equipped with reliable reporting and security mechanisms. SQL is inherently transactional; therefore a transaction will start by an automated mechanism when another transaction completes (Woody 2009). This feature promotes isolation among the execution of transactions so that the execution of each of them is independent of each other. Some of its main features are;
The basic type of data storage in SQL Server is a database, which can be considered as a collection of tables. SQL Server provides support for many data types like Integer, Float, and Decimal etc. It also offers the feature of user-defined composite types. There are several other things that are supported in SQL server other than tables; they are views, stored procedures etc (Delaney 2005).
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Database Design & Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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