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The purpose of the paper “Database Development and Management” is to analyze an effective database design that incorporates all the stores product sales and inventories. The potential sales information stored within the database entail the price of the product, customer and store number in the store…
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Database Development and Management
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Download file to see previous pages The housing of the sales transactions of the departmental store requires the development of a well-designed database solution with potential business rules. A database solution needs to have retrieval section where data is easily found. The retrieval structure finds a particular piece of data in a more specific way with a quick and easy fetch of data within the database. Consistency provides reliable rules in database solution. The performance of the same search twice in a row of a good database solution gives the same results. A well-built database product ensures exact same query of data results plays an important role in a database solution. Additionally, the validity of data within a database solution relates to the ideas of consistency. Validity and consistency ensure different parts of database do not hold varied results of the same information. The validity of a database solution ensures that data incorporates within the possible pieces of data within the database (Davenport, 2013). Therefore, the validity of data within a database solution ensures that records are updated, created and deleted when need stands. The design of a database solution takes up the following structure
 The database solution contains connectivity of relationships as shown in the key diagram above. The stores to the customers have a 1:1 relationship, the products to the stores have a 1: M relationship, suppliers to products have an M: N relationship, while products to product ID have a 0:1 relationship making a cross foot notation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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