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Web-Based Distance Learning Project - Assignment Example

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The field of educational training is continuously under the process of evolution and so is the field of information and technology. Both the fields continuously interact with each other and thus impact each other too…
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Web-Based Distance Learning Project
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Download file to see previous pages 29 Oct 2007
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5 November 2007
Design logical database design & development.
19 November 2007
Testing business rules and data integrity.
10 December 2007
Interim Report
8 January 2007
Interface Design and form development.
22 January 2007
Trigger design and implementation.
4 February 2007
Testing and validating the trigger codes of different units.
18 February 2007
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4 March 2007
Physical database design
18 March 2007
Final system documentation & user manual.
4 April 2007
Margin for any contingency
5 April 2007 - 15 April 2007
Final Report
24 April 2007
Live demonstration. The presentation should demonstrate the most interesting and attractive implementation features and functions of University Information System.
5 May 2007


Following are the resource requirement for this project:

Hardware Requirements:

The hardware requirements for this project are as follows:
Processor (atleast Pentium III, 733 MHz)
RAM (the minimum RAM requirement is 128 MB. However, the RAM of 512 is recommended)
Hard Disk (The required capacity of hard disk depends on the amount of data to be saved. But on minimum side 40 GB hard disk is required)
LAN Card or Modem is also required.
Besides, the general accessories of a standard PC will also be required.
The university will not be required to arrange for these requirements.

Software Requirements:

The softwares required for this project are:
MS Access - this is required for the actual development of the database.
MS Visio - this is required to develop the logical diagram / model for the structure of the database
MS Word - this is required for the documentation purposes
Macromedia Dreamweaver - this is...
The concept of distance learning was still there even before the intervention of technology in the field of education, but it gained momentum, when technology was applied to make the system of distance learning more effective. As a result of this intervention, distance learning has now become one of the most prominent areas of education and learning, where the application of the technology is at its peak. Furthermore, the more technology is applied in right direction, the more distance learning will get popular. This project would be yet another step into that progress. The outcome of this project would be an MS-Access based Tutorial database. As tutorials are major source of learning for distance learners, thus this product will be helpful to them to a great extent.

The aim of this project is to develop a database of tutorials for the distant learners. This database tutorial is a web-based tutorial. The user of this database will be provided with the user interface in order to fetch the information through queries and add, edit or delete the tutorials. A reporting module will also be added into the database.

Besides, there are some other technical requirements too. Such requirements include the internet connectivity, the relevant drivers required for the database and its cross platform interaction with the web based front end. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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