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Models for Web Based Learning - Essay Example

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Web based learning is called by different people with different names. It is eLearning or distance learning or web based learning. It takes up different shapes as well. In some cases, web based learning is used to enhance the normal learning process. In certain others, it is the course delivery itself…
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Models for Web Based Learning
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Download file to see previous pages Thirdly, web based learning also helps in small group collaboration. There is also a possibility of using web-based learning as blended learning processes.
We can broadly look at web based learning to mean delivery and support to an educational and learning course over the web. Essentially comprising of course materials, quizzes, tests and direct discussions are all made over the web. The course materials created on many occasions are made for contact based learning. When this gets used in web based learning the impact that is realised out of it is limited. Of course, on many situations web based learning would require basic information which can be supplemented by such books. Whereas the requirements of web based learning is different and requires a different style of approach. If they are not employed then the effectiveness of using technology for course delivery is lost. Since most of the technology components are typically asynchronous in nature, delivery has to necessarily go through asynchronous course management.
The best way to deliver web based learning might find itself in a multitude of options. It is not possible to arrive at a specific conclusion that would help us in deciding on the right kind of learning processes. ...
As AW Bates (1995) says, new technologies such as computers and video conferencing are not necessarily better; it is just that they are different. But then the content of the program and the learning exercise itself is the same old thing and has to be done much in the same way.

Web based learning starts from a pure distance learning exercise to a face to face learning system where distance education is used to support the normal program. This is looked at as a continuum and the delivered training depending upon the methods adopted might have varying degrees of personal contact in them (Judie McKimm, 2003). The Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) is formed in UK to make use of the available technology and to provide quality programs to students across the country specifically in dentistry, medicine and veterinary science. Most of the pure distance learning systems would work towards understanding the individual's requirements; it would ideally provide for the needs of the individuals and tries to personalise them to the extent possible.

Figure 1: Teaching Process

To some extent web based programs could help in drawing out conventional programs and incorporate web based program features in it to enhance the value of the programs. While conventional distance education programs lack the ease of connectivity and communication between the student and the teacher, web based learning could provide the person the same. The other important aspect of web based learning is the asynchronous nature of the communication. This is both a disadvantage and an advantage. Advantage because the timings of the student and the teacher need not go together. Disadvantage is also the same, since this will mean the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Models for Web Based Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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