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Discuss the case in favour of and against immigration control - Essay Example

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Immigration of the citizens has been a major problem for the countries where they immigrate. The practice of immigration has been…
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Discuss the case in favour of and against immigration control
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"Discuss the case in favour of and against immigration control"

Download file to see previous pages For example, after the Europeans discovered America, many of the people from the continent came to settle in the new land. The reasons for the immigration were to explore economic opportunities and to spread the religion of Christianity. (Smith, June, 2006). In the modern world, the subject of immigration has asserted itself as a grave problem as a result of the cross border infiltration. Immigration has many consequences for the immigrants and the immigrating country. This results in the increase of population in the country, which pressurize the economic condition of the country. Most of the immigrants are left jobless which pressurizes them to take the path of crime. For example, in the USA, due to the immigration of the Mexicans, the percentage of crime has increased manifold in the society. The immigrants are considered as outsiders in the country and there have been instances where they were ill treated. The immigrants can take away jobs in the country, which would have been the domain of the citizens. The example of USA can be taken in this regard where The Chinese and the Indian immigrants occupy important positions in the corporate world. Therefore, it can be said that there are various ill effects of immigration. (Perkowski, 12th July, 1903). Therefore, countries who are most affected by the problem of immigration have devised various control measures to eradicate the problem. Immigration is the movement of the people of a country to another country where he does not belong by nationality or origin. The control measures put in by the Government and the statutory bodies in the countries look to limit the volume of the immigrants in the country. Laws have passed in various countries for limiting the volume of immigration. The control of immigration means functions performed under this Act to limit the flow of the immigrants in these countries. (Immigration, 2003) The immigration control has become one of the main functions of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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