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(Weineir, 1994 p. 154) It is this statement that gave rise to my interest in this area as a possible research topic.
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Download file to see previous pages By isolating possible areas of discussion, which would have to be researched, it became evident that a particular aspect of the general topic was most attractive to me: immigrant populations in new societies, and their potential to achieve.
This will still have to be refined – a country of choice, and immigrant populations able to be defined in that country as well as the choice of the type of achievement to be studied – and hence this proposed topic: Influences on Academic Achievement/Non-achievement on Newly-arrived Immigrant Populations in the United States. And it is clear that some research will be necessary before a study can be started: are there clearly definable immigrant populations available; what would the time-frames have to be; would it be ethically correct to identify groups in society so overtly; which definitions of achievement would be used – the local or the “old country” definitions; what levels of academic achievement would form the focus of a study? In addition, research available on the hereditary factors that influence academic achievement would have to be considered, and their impact on this study gauged.
Nonetheless, the topic, and consequent research could provide valuable insight into interventions that could be implemented if non-achievement is occurring, or factors that encourage achievement could be identified.
In a working environment within psychology, mind-mapping could be a valuable process to define ideas: one may want to embark on some research, within a field of interest. The initial idea, such as mine was, may be within a personal and general area. By free-association of ideas, all one’s thoughts are made concrete in the initial stage of brainstorming. Then, it becomes clear that certain ideas logically fit together. Some are at this point able to be dismissed – others, it becomes clear, need to be developed. The action of mind-mapping helps ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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