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The positive effect of naps on children :cognitively ,behavioral,and social emotional - Research Paper Example

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Most parents understand that children need rest.The most parent will have their infant take a nap at least two times a day, and this habit decreases to just one nap by age two. At the age four or five children have no nap during the day because it is assumed that their brains…
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The positive effect of naps on children :cognitively ,behavioral,and social emotional
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Download file to see previous pages To this end, the present review of various research studies is important as it will aid in ascertaining the guiding hypotheses that were used to affirm the importance of napping in children. Owing to the lack of sleep as a result of lack of naps, there would be an increased disruptive behavior such as; screaming, tantrums, hitting, and whining on the young children. The literature reviewed highlights vividly and deeply the discussions on the benefits of napping on the toddlers. They illustrate how the daytime sleeping helps improve a child’s cognitive functions that involve their thinking abilities, their behavioral and emotional reactions. Through such reviews, an excellent understanding of the research in this particular subject under study is gained. In other words, the present area od study ignition for review enables one understand the topic of debate and the various approaches given to it as well as the suggested direction of future study and research.
One important item worth noting is the going non-stop and not taking naps is unnatural (Weissbluth, 2009). More than 85% of mammalian species are polyphonic sleepers, implying that they sleep for brief times during the day (Epstein & Mardon, 2007). People are a piece of the minority of monophasic sleepers, meaning that human days are categorized by two unmistakable periods, one for slumber, and one for alertness; however, it is not clear that this is the natural characteristic (Touchette, 2007). Napping is a noteworthy prerequisite for good health, and for young kids to get enough of it; some daytime slumber is typically required (Weissbluth, 2009). While naps do not fundamentally compensate for insufficient or low-quality evening sleep, a short snooze of 20-30 minutes can help to enhance temperament, sharpness and execution (Neuman et al. 2014). Vital physical and mental advancement happens in early childhood, and snoozes give considerably ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Positive Effect of Naps on Children :Cognitively ,behavioral,and Research Paper.
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