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Emotional and Behaviour Disorders - Assignment Example

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Young people can have mental, emotional, and behaviour problems that are real, painful, and costly. These problems, often called "disorders," are a source of stress for the child as well as the family, school, community, and larger society. Children who are emotionally and behaviourally disordered (EBD) have always challenged and frustrated experts…
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Emotional and Behaviour Disorders
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Download file to see previous pages The number of families and children who are affected by mental, emotional and behaviour disorders in young people is shocking. Mental health disorders in children and adolescents are caused by biology, environment, or a mix of both. Examples of biological factors are genetics, chemical imbalances in the body, and damage to the central nervous system, such as a head injury. Many factors in a young person's environment can affect his or her mental health, such as exposure to violence, extreme stress, and loss of an important person in their lives. Some EBD children are curable while others are not, all due to the severity of the disorder and when it is spotted.
Following are descriptions of some of the mental, emotional, and behaviour problems that can occur during childhood and adolescence. All of these disorders can have a serious impact on a child's overall health. Some disorders are more common than others, and conditions can range from mild to severe. Often, a child has more than one disorder.
Anxiety disorders the most common of childhood disorder. These young people experience excessive fear, worry, or uneasiness that interferes with their daily lives. Anxiety disorders include:
1. phobia - an unrealistic and overwhelming fear of some object or situation
2. generalized anxiety disorder - a pattern of excessive, unrealistic worry not attributable to any recent experience;
3. panic disorder - terrifying panic attacks that include physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat and dizziness
4. Obsessive-compulsive disorder - being trapped in a pattern of repeated thoughts and behaviours such as counting or hand washing.
5. Post-traumatic stress disorder - a pattern of flashbacks and other symptoms that occurs in children who have experienced a psychologically distressing event such as physical or sexual abuse, being a victim or witness of violence, or exposure to some other traumatic event such as a bombing or hurricane.
Major depression is recognized more and more in young people. The disorder is marked by changes in:
1. emotion - the child often feels sad, cries, looks tearful, feels worthless;
2. motivation - schoolwork declines, the child shows no interest in play;
3. physical well-being - there may be changes in appetite or sleep patterns and vague physical complaints; and
4. Thoughts - the child believes that he or she is ugly, that he or she is unable to do anything right, or that the world or life is hopeless.
Bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness): This is exaggerated mood swings between extreme lows (depression) and highs (excitement or manic phases). Periods of reasonable mood occur in between. During a manic phase, the child or adolescent may talk nonstop, need very little sleep, and show unusually poor judgment.
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is when a young person with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is unable to focus attention and is often impulsive and easily distracted. Most children with this disorder have great difficulty remaining still, taking turns, and keeping quiet.
Learning disorders affect the ability of children and adolescents to receive or express information. These problems can show ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emotional and Behaviour Disorders Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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