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The author explains, that it is quite possible that difference in scale can be followed by difference in kind. Some changes in…
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A Matter of Scale
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K.C.Cole in the 5th chapter of her work “The Universe and the Teacup The Mathematics of Truth and Beauty” shows the nuances of scales. The author explains, that it is quite possible that difference in scale can be followed by difference in kind. Some changes in quantity are sure to lead to changes in quality. If things acquire absolutely other sizes, then common and fixed laws of nature, time, space become unimportant, they can disappear at all, and absolutely new ones can show up.
In case of a giant, for example, it is possible to find many disadvantages of his size. Geometry proves, that a sixty-foot giant can break his thighbones by making only one step. Because of the increasing of volume in three dimensions, height in one and are in two we can easily imagine a proportion: a ten-time-taller man would have a thousand-time-greater weight. It causes broken bones. Fleas can do immense work, jump a hundred times higher their height, and care 160,000 times larger their weight. A mouse can be unharmed after falling down from the scale because of her size. An elephant, in his turn, has no choice to stay alive after falling.
Atom-sized things behave differently than molecule-sized things or human-size things. Molecule-sized matters can do nothing against electrical forces (sugar grains stick to the fingers), but when it comes to large-scale matters-gravity rules (all the things that are larger then asteroid acquire round or roundish shape ).
Time goes faster in the world of the small, but it is proved by the biologist Stephen Jay Gould that all beings from the smallest to the biggest have their own internal clocks. That’s why the life of the mouse doesn’t feel shorter to a mouse than our life feels to us.
Complexity also changes with scale. Earth seems quite simple(a small dot) from far enough, but coming closer you see the patterns of land and water, closer- and human beings become visible. The closer we look at some thing, the more complicated it seems and vice versa. Read More
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A Matter of Scale Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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