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The book Were You Born In The Wrong Continent as well as the other books written of the same kind authored by Thomas Geoghegan are fascinating and yet controversial arts that I have come across lately. The reading level assigned to the book is best suited for the working class…
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Were You Born on the Wrong Continent ( BOOK RESPONSE )
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Download file to see previous pages I like his look of the world that is making me feel not alone.
I have never had a sentiment that I may have been born in the wrong continent until I read some touching facts in this book. There are some things I have always wished for but always thought of them as dreams (Geoghegan, 32). For instance, I have always wished to live in places where there are longer holidays shorter working days and get paid well working only a single job a day. Thought of it as a dream but TG awakens my imagination and converts it into reality.
It is truly amazing how Europe treats its workers. Can you imagine that both parents are given paid leave after bearing a child, work time is considerably shorter than that of America? They enjoy more vacations probably threefold as much as we have here in America. It really sounds thrilling. Let us give it a try. You can see some rather wonderful life that comes about from this system. Owners no longer have the sole authority to run the place and they cannot just wake up one and decide to shut down the factory without a warning, like we have seen it happen here in America. Besides, collective bargaining solves many issues that may exist hence enhance the output of the work force. Don’t you think these are brilliant ideas?
Germans have a truly free health system only run, without all of the ludicrous changes made in the American system (Geoghegan, 26). One can realize that the German style of governing works. Yes, this is socialism, but it is not the old-style Soviet brand with political power exercised in a descending rank order. Rather political power moves in ascending rank order until it reaches to the government. This is done to make sure that Germans do not have the kind draconian police state that is beginning to appear in that country that has always considered itself as its own master with admirable freedoms
I had a chance to live in Germany for fairly some time and I realized that some of the things valuable or to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Were You Born on the Wrong Continent ( BOOK RESPONSE ) Report/Review”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1638783-were-you-born-on-the-wrong-continent-book-response.
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