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Food Retail Report - Book Report/Review Example

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Subject: Family and consumer science Date: Topic: Food retail book report-Critical Analysis: Fast Food Nation—Eric Schlosser. 1. Fast food was introduced in to the American food scene and straightaway it took charge of the eating habits of the people…
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Food Retail Book Report
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Download file to see previous pages This industry has destroyed humanity. In the second part of the book the author provides facts and figures, examples and the cruelty practiced in the industry. One who reads this book will give up eating fast food for all time to come. The author gives details about the present set-up and functioning of the industry, why the fries taste good, the working conditions of the labor etc. The main purpose of this book is to create awareness amongst the eating public, why such food will cause the physical and mental damage. The author advises that one’s stomach is not the dumping ground for the refuse and other waste material and he substantiates this poetic-style assertion on the basis of his investigations. The food is manufactured in the settings of a large scale industry without the human face and chemicals and faces go into it! This is a stunning revelation that causes repulsions in the heart of the reader. The process of slaughter of animals and the cruelty involved in it is inhuman. 2. (a) Sustainability/health: Consumption fast food will lead to negative traits besides loss of health. The intentions behind manufacturing activities of fast food items are not noble. They are out to create a generation that will take to not only food addiction but to drug addiction. Obesity will be the permanent companion of the fast food addicts. Even in starred hotels, one will never be able to experience the ambience of eating food in the homely atmosphere with genuine love and affection that one gets in the company of family members. (b) Consumer and Food: False pleasure of eating. Fast food is believed to be cheaper than the real food. That is the concept hammered day in and day out into the minds of the people by the marketing strategists of the fast food companies. They are least bothered about the repercussions on the health of the fast food addicts. As for the fast food adoring generation, cooking is considered as a bothersome, and eating out in restaurants is pleasure-giving activity. Leave aside the budgetary aspect of it; to compare the fast food items with the real food cooked at home tantamount to working on wrong premises. 3. Copy of article, “ Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?” by Mark Bittman, published in The New York Times Sunday Review, dated September24, 2011 is appended to this paper. The issues highlighted in this article, among others, are the lazy lifestyles that the people have adopted. Cooking is considered as bothersome and the easy option of fast food is resorted to. The importance of food for the health of an individual is swept under the carpet. The issues of obesity and food justice are relegated to the background. The undisputed danger of consuming fast food is its habit forming appeal. This is the quality of the hyper processed foods. There is a mushroom growth of fast food restaurants in America. Fast food companies spend an astronomical sum for marketing to trap the people, especially the younger generation. The simple-looking habit is believed to lead to drug addiction. 4. Two important concepts presented in the book are :( 1) Know what it means to take food. (2) The process of manufacturing of fast food and its damaging consequences. Know what it means to take good food: Food consumption needs to be very personal, well thought-out plan. Also, food needs to be fresh and seasonal. Nature provides to humanity right types of vegetables, fruits at the right time. Refrigerated and junk foods contribute ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Food Retail Book Report /Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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