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Why have the use of illcit substances become more common place amoung the youth in society - Essay Example

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Especially now as the already frail line between fact and fiction is getting blurred. This “downward spiral” has given birth to a neo-notion known as ‘fact and fabrication’. However not all things are fabricated but are…
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Why have the use of illcit substances become more common place amoung the youth in society
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"Why have the use of illcit substances become more common place amoung the youth in society"

Download file to see previous pages Issues like the drug and other illicit substance abuse among youth! So sensitive is this issue that any misgiving can lead to catastrophe. In this research we try to identify and determine that is drug abuse really a threat or an episode of the aforementioned phenomenon.
The purpose for selecting the topic is to define how illicit substances and their uses are common among the youth. Media is very popular now days. It occupies a big chunk of teenagers time and at the same time the failure to follow age restrictions are allowing teenagers to use illicit substances. And this curse is growing rapidly and is actually leaving negative effects on youth. The available work done related to this topic. In this project we explore how this influence of illicit substances has become stronger with a passage of time. Considering the amount youth spend using media facilities, this should be taken into account and also to understand the relationship of illicit substances used by youth and the role played by media (McArthur, 1999)..
Our youth are considered the considered the most sensitive and receptive during their early years and this is the time in the modern era that exposure to media is at its height. The problem is how the use of illicit substances among youth really leads to believe or its just exaggeration and influence of the media. There is no yardstick to measure this phenomenon so it goes unchecked as it brings revenue to the media industry. This is the growing age of the youth and the involvement of media plays an important role. They tend to forget that there will be repercussions for their actions.
It has been scientifically concluded that television as a source of media has a causal relationship. But this does not mean that it creates influence among the youth to use illicit substances. The developers of media were blamed for so me of the more extreme cases of the use of illicit substances. On the contrary many are disturbing in the sense of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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