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Drug Use Among Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities - Term Paper Example

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The author states that there have been a hammy increase in the availability as well as the use of cannabis in several remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander settlements in recent years. A new wave of cannabis use exists in addition to alcohol use and other substances. …
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Drug Use Among Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
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Extract of sample "Drug Use Among Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities"

Download file to see previous pages In some cases, many social problems have been the result of the country's political instability, lack of economic progress due to mismanagement of the economy and ethnic conflicts. 
In preparation for the Australia 2020 Summit (Australia 2020 Summit, 2008; p 1-3), Prime Minister Kevin Rudd invited 1000 Australians to contribute in shaping the nation's long term strategy useful in the future. The organization intends to discuss the long-term
best ideas across the nation as well as to apply the said ideas to meet the challenges before them. Indeed, history has left Australians the faith that the country's public sphere has a critical role in building the future of the nation. Australian 2020 Summit's major theme is focused on the necessity of redressing Aboriginal as well as the Torres Strait
Across many streams, it was discussed as a prerequisite to Australia's further development (Australia 2020 Summit, 2008; p 4).
According to the Danila Dilba Medical Service (2000; p 3), Indigenous Australians are more likely to use and to inject illicit substances than non-Indigenous counterparts. In fact, in Indigenous communities, injecting drugs exist among young people as well as older members of society. The community recognizes that there are several factors which cause the implications of illicit drug use. Examples include family breakdown, unemployment, leisure boredom, lack of positive role models and peer group issues. Australians felt the need to explore the relationships among the contributory factors on the use of prohibited drugs by Indigenous Australians as well as its associations to the existing threat of HIV and Hepatitis C.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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