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Considering Why Young People Begin Using Illicit Substances and How to Reduce Drug Taking Activity - Assignment Example

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The paper "Considering Why Young People Begin Using Illicit Substances and How to Reduce Drug Taking Activity" discusses that in order to discourage the use of drugs among youth, drug education programs are conducted in the schools from primary level onwards. …
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Considering Why Young People Begin Using Illicit Substances and How to Reduce Drug Taking Activity
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Extract of sample "Considering Why Young People Begin Using Illicit Substances and How to Reduce Drug Taking Activity"

Download file to see previous pages There are two types of illicit substances, commonly known as soft drugs and hard drugs. Soft drugs include barbiturates, amphetamines and cannabis while heroin and cocaine are highly addictive and are called hard drugs (Keene 2002, p. 78). The soft drugs are not highly addictive while the hard drugs are highly addictive. Although all substances are harmful as they affect a person’s mental and physical health cocaine is particularly dangerous in fact it is lethal if taken in large amounts.
Youth today is quite well-informed about the harmful effects of drugs and even though they are aware of the potential dangers of using illicit drugs that do not stop them from experimenting. There are various reasons which pull the young people towards drugs; some teenagers try drugs simply out of curiosity. The experimentation which starts with soft drugs often leads the use of hard drugs and consequently criminal activities (Pudney 2003). Studies show that cannabis is the most commonly used drug in the United Kingdom with 42% of the users being teenagers between the ages of 15 and 16 (Keene 2002, p. 76) whereas cocaine is the most commonly used hard drug.
Boredom was cited as a reason for taking illicit drugs by young people belonging to middle-class families. In such cases, illicit drugs were a means of recreation and a way to enjoy and explore life from a different angle. It added excitement to their lives making it interesting. Some teenagers take drugs for enjoyment and may stop once the novelty is over but this can only happen if they are using soft drugs. The desire to appear cool or be accepted as popular is the reason which gets high school students hooked to drugs.
Drugs can have a strong effect on a person’s mind and thinking.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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