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Drug Dependence - Essay Example

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There is a saying that goes in every action; there is motivator for a certain person to act as such. True enough, certain things drive a lot of the things that we have done regardless of the intent.
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Drug Dependence
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Drug Dependence

Download file to see previous pages... Also, no reasons on why these people with such a distinction are similar with each other. In line with this, a question arises "Are drug users driven to crime, driven by their enslavement to expensive drugs that can be afforded only through continuous predatory activities Or is it that drugs drive crime, that careers in drugs intensify already existing criminal career"

This kind of question arises as there are people whether a psychologist, an observer or the people who experienced such a fate have different claims concerning the issue. There are people ho claimed that it is because of the addiction with illegal drugs which drives a certain person to commit crime to satisfy his cravings for the drug and there are those who assert that it is due to the fact that some crime perpetrators pacify their egos by using illegal drugs and its continuous usage is perhaps the main reasons on why they tend to alleviate their crime activities.

In studying and observing the development of a certain individual regarding his actions, it is important to know and analyze the environment a certain individual belongs and how they are driven to act as such. In analyzing this kind of premise, one will have the idea that the actuations of drug users who are driven to crime act as such because of their enslavement to expensive drugs in order to compensate and satisfy their cravings in illegal drugs.

In recent Findings done by the United Nations in 2006 it was stated “Some 200 million people, or 5 percent of the global population age 15-64, have used illicit drugs at least once in the last 12 months. Among this population are people from almost every country on earth. More people are involved in the production and trafficking of illicit drugs and still more are touched by the devastating social and economic costs of this problem." Upon analyzing this statistical study, one might conclude that drugs are commodity for some as five percent of the world's population have and may be continuously using such a thing. In This case, it is true that there are people who tend to use drugs. However, establishing the reasons on why they use such is another complicated issue to be settled. Of course, most Psychological fellow suggests that majority of these people uses these drugs out of curiosity, escape of reality and problems. However, this should not stop there. It is an established fact that majority of the crimes that were committed in UK and in other parts of the world has something to do with illegal drugs.

If we are to delve and fathom the effects of drugs in a certain individual, it is now immaterial on how a certain individual starts in abusing illegal drugs. In this case, what matters most is determining the mindset of a drug dependent and his actuations particularly those who are committing crimes. Majority of Psychologists, Sociologists and drug experts suggests and concluded that drug dependents resort into criminal activities to obtain resources to give into their cravings with illegal drugs.
There were historical accounts attesting that drug abuse has something to do with money and most of the dependents resort into criminal activities in order to satisfy their cravings. Birch (1997) stated that "It was during the nineteenth century, a period of rapidly increasing prosperity, that drug addiction started to become a major social problem both in this country (UK) and in America. The proliferation of patent medicines and opiate nostrums like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Drug Dependence is a Condition
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