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Understanding consumers is an extremely complicated phenomenon and need a close insight into understanding their behaviour patterns for marketers to be successful. Sales are composed of both planned purchases and unplanned purchases, which in totality determine the entire volume…
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Dissertation proposal either in marketing, Finance or internantional. business MBA level
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Download file to see previous pages The typical questions that come in mind are whether such factors have a significant impact in enhancing the sales of the company or not. If yes, then would it be beneficial for the companies to give more focus towards their products packaging and placement of their products on shelves in retail stores. For exploring these questions, there is a need to conduct a research, which may provide guidelines to the companies and retailers regarding the packaging and shelf positioning of products.
Planned purchases do not constitute all sales; as a matter of fact, a significant portion of total sales is composed of impulse buying which shows inevitable variation with respect to factors such as packaging and shelf-positioning.
Consequences: In the absence of such a research, the marketers will certainly be at a loss. They will not be able to gain an insight into the relationship of factors such as packaging and shelf positioning with Impulse buying, thereby obstructing their ability to manipulate these factors to their own advantage, which could otherwise lead to increased sale.
The research paper selected as the base paper of this research is ‘Unplanned Buying and In-Store Stimuli in Supermarkets’, Managerial and Decision Economics, Vol. 11, No. 2. (May, 1990), pg. 111-121 by Abratt, R. and D.G. Stephen (1990).
‘Impulse buying’ can be described as any purchase which a shopper makes but does not plan in advance and nowadays, a major junk of consumer purchases are being made without advance or prior planning (Hawkin Stern, 1962). Moreover, Hawkin also argued that Impulse buying, despite certain connotations attached to it, has become an efficient and sensible way of buying goods and the incidence of impulse buying are growing.
Impulse buying has been seen to be at work mostly in the case of FMCGs. Unplanned purchasing occurs in many types of retail outlets; however, it is typically ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Dissertation Proposal Either in Marketing, Finance or Internantional Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/miscellaneous/1562130-dissertation-proposal-either-in-marketing-finance-or-internantional-business-mba-level.
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