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IMC Proposal London Zoo Marketing Student Number and Number Name of Professor Number of Words: 1,118 Chapter I – Introduction Founded back in 1826, Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is a charity institution that aims to conserve and value animals and its habitats (ZSL, 2011)…
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IMC Proposal London Zoo Marketing
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Download file to see previous pages As part of the IMC dissertation proposal for ZSL London Zoo, this report will give the readers an overview of the market competitive framework. In line with this, the market structure of London Zoo will first be tackled followed by comparing the profile and marketing activities of ZSL’s major competitors and discussing the importance of continuously promoting the central brand. Based on the product life cycle analysis, the current distribution policy and pricing policy will be tackled in details. Chapter II – Literature Review Overview of the Market Competitive Framework Although there are more than 100 zoos throughout the United Kingdom, the only 3 zoos that are currently operational in London include the Battersea Park Children’s zoo, the Sea Life London Aquarium, and the London Zoo (Zoo Keepers, 2009). Among these four zoos that are currently operational in this area, only the London Zoo is classified as the major zoo throughout the United Kingdom. (See Appendix I – Major Zoo Operators in London on page 7) Given that there are only three zoos being operational in London, its market structure is classified as oligopoly. In line with this, Arnold (2010, p. ...
Aside from publicly announcing the arrival of a new animal, the marketing strategies used by the Battersea Park Children’s zoo, the Sea Life London Aquarium, and the London Zoo are similar in the sense that these operators are focused on providing discounts on group tours, accepting parties and school visits (Sea Life London Aquarium, 2011; Battersea Park Children's Zoo, 2011; ZSL, 2011). Specifically Battersea Park Children’s Zoo (2011) offers the public the option to adopt an animal for either 6 months or 1 year programme. Aside from entering into joint business partnership with University of Cambridge, ZSL London Zoo is more focused on promoting its forthcoming science and conservation events and offering children with more options to enjoy their stay at the zoo (ZSL, 2011). Importance of Promoting the Central Brand According to Aaker (1991), brand equity is a multi-dimensional concept which is strongly related to the development of strong brand loyalty, creation of brand awareness, perceived service quality, and brand association. Being more than just choosing a corporate name, King (2010) explained that branding is crucial behind the success of the ZSL London Zoo because a strong brand could develop familiarity and loyalty on the part of its prospective zoo visitors. Because of the importance of continuously promoting the central brand, the managers of ZSL should take it as a challenge in making the general public feel special when being associated with a brand. By considering its product life cycle analysis, ZSL can implement marketing strategies that will strengthen its brand and keep its existing customers loyal to the zoo. Product ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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