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What were the main lessons from the Falklands for joint capability, and were they successfully incorporated into defence policy during the 1980s - Essay Example

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As Jeremy Black (2006) said, in the end, it was a matter of bravely executed attacks, good morale and the careful integration of infantry with…
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What were the main lessons from the Falklands for joint capability, and were they successfully incorporated into defence policy during the 1980s
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Extract of sample "What were the main lessons from the Falklands for joint capability, and were they successfully incorporated into defence policy during the 1980s"

Download file to see previous pages Specifically, the superpowers – the Soviet Union and the United States – displayed keen interest and the war and subsequently used the lessons from this experience in order to realign their own military strategy, doctrine, logistics and weapons system. The Falkland War had, in the days after its end, would be fundamental in the reform of the whole spectrum of conventional war during the modern times. There are several schools that posit the importance of the conflict. For military reformers, the Falkland underscored the need for inexpensive and even less expensive ships. On the other hand, the traditionalists argue in favor of an increase funding for more supercarriers – high-technology ships that would strengthen the capability command and control. Out of all the differences in this debate, however, there lies the fact that discourse is already focused on the value of amphibious war capability to gain advantage in armed conflict. Alexander and Bartlett observed:
Indeed, the Falklands War seemed to revalidate all components of naval warfare. Even before the Royal Marines stormed ashore near San Carlos, thoughtful observers had begun to reappraise the utility of naval armed suasion.2
This reference to contemporary analysis can be read from the newspaper column of George Will in the Washington Post in April 25, 1982. He expressed the following statement in regard to the then on-going war further south:
This is the moment to explode the belief that the use of naval forces for political objectives – gunboat diplomacy is the preferred epithet – is an anachronism. And it is time for renewed appreciation of the role of naval forces in the US – Soviet balance.3
To further illustrate the British victory during the Falkland War, the British military situation prior to the conflict would be outlined. Then, a brief account of the conflict would be provided. After this, an investigation on the impact of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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