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Obligation Assessment - Essay Example

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The case was filed by Ian Roscoe Watts and Lesley Mary Samuel Watts claiming that the respondent Ralph Morrow, who was a surveyor, through her negligence to assigned supervision caused both expense of extra…
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Obligation Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages The case is having a history which is stated below. Plaintiffs one and two were married during 1986 and wished to buy a weekend house which they were ready to procure if no excessive repairs were required. They had seen the house Nutford Farm House, Blandford, Dorset. Both the plaintiffs were happy with the house and wished to buy it. Mrs. Marrow conducted the survey on it and sent her report stating that there is no requirement for much repairs and stated some defects were seen in that house. The plaintiffs were willing to buy a house at a cost up to £170,000, but were not ready to spend any more for repair. Depending and trusting the report forwarded by Mrs. Morrow, the couple decided to buy Nutford Farm House. The asking cost for the house was set at £175,000, as there was another client ready to buy it offering a price of £177,500 and the couple bought the property. The situation changed after entering for living in that house. The hide out stated as “overall dwelling house to be sound, stable and in good condition” (Stephen, Ralph & Bingham, 1991, p.3) by Mrs. Morrow turned out to be a structure requiring much monetary expense for normal make up. The “eradication of wood borer in roofing timbers” (Stephen, Ralph & Bingham, 1991, p.3) was actually necessitating “the roof was due for renewal with felting, rebattening and retiling” (Stephen, Ralph & Bingham, 1991, p.4) and “minor works of eradicating continued dampness in ground floor walls” (Stephen, Ralph & Bingham, 1991, p.4) was actually shown as “the first floor timbers needed specialist woodworm treatment and refixing of firring pieces with extensive renewal of floor boarding” (Stephen, Ralph & Bingham, 1991, p.4) also with other works which were not mentioned in Mrs. Morrow’s report of survey. This indicates the fact “surveyors report negligently failing to disclose defects” (Stephen, Ralph & Bingham, 1991, p.1) which should be trialled under ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Obligation Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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