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Social and economic obligations of a contract - Essay Example

The social obligation requires the contractor to outline the measures he or she will utilize in ensuring equal employment opportunities without any discriminatio on the basis of gender, age, sex, race, and national origin. The contractor or sub-contractor should outline the measures he will undertake to ensure affirmative action measures are folowed in order to cater for the needs of minorities such as women and minority groups in the country. The USCGC seahalk contract will also entail additional requirements as pertains to employment of handicapped individuals or vietnam era veterans as per FAR 52.22-35 and 36 regulations. The contractor will have to submit annual compliance report and allow the authorities to scrutinize the employment records such as VETS 100 form and EEO-1 (Kutz 54).
USCGC seahalk contract will require the contractors to implement a drug-free working environment, Drug-free workplace Act of 1998, 200-690 is applicable to this contract since the value is above $ 100,000 and it entails a non-comercial item. In this regard, the contractors will have to notify the employees of possible actions against the contravention of the drug prohibition policy and also notify federal authorities within ten days of the receipt of any employee conviction notice for drug-related cases. Drug prohibition should be a condition for employment and contractor should implement a drug-free working environment with utmost good faith.

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USCGC Seahalk contract has certain social and economic obligations that should be fulfilled by the contractor. The contract requires the contractor to implement equal opportunity and affirmative action since the contract is of more than$ 10,000…
Social and economic obligations of a contract
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