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Marketing 3 - Essay Example

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At the strategic planning level, the introduction of RedBull Cola into different test market locations, domestically, is recommended. As part of a preliminary,…
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Marketing 3
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Download file to see previous pages This first recommendation makes sure that the product will have the taste and flavour benefits consumers expect of these products so that researchers can understand what portions of the new cola to redevelop or reflavour. This type of preliminary research should be conducted to improve the market availability to the RedBull brand of products and can be conducted with other ongoing integrated communications campaign that are having success.
In the current marketing environment, viral marketing represents a low-cost business activity to create buzz about the brand. There is also, as identified earlier in the report, a shifting trend of consumers to favour natural drinks and those that claim natural benefits to health. It is recommended that the company develop a new website which only focuses on these benefits of RedBull products, especially since there is often mixed media reports about the potential health benefits of the brand. Through strategic alliances or other type of partnerships with lifestyle organisations, such as natural foods distributors, agreements can be developed which put RedBull advertisements on favourite UK natural foods-related companies. By linking to other natural foods organisations, RedBull can secure low-cost advertising space, create long-lasting strategic relationships with community or online vendors, and also use the linked website to create informational or humorous videos about the product’s natural benefits. Seeking these partnerships can involve speaking with community distributors of RedBull products or pursuing online consulting meetings with interested parties looking to partner in this fashion with dual advertising campaigns.
Because RedBull faces so much competition, both for its current brands on the market and those under consideration for the future, it is important to clearly differentiate the brand from other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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