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Analyse the development of the police/crime series in terms of a move toward a 'realist' aesthetic (in terms of form and theme)(you may identify some exeptions to this development) - Essay Example

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It is exacting an increasingly heavy toll, both in terms of human and financial. The United States has to its credit, the highest rate of incarceration in the world. It holds more than 2 million prisoners. Incarcerated…
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Analyse the development of the police/crime series in terms of a move toward a realist aesthetic (in terms of form and theme)(you may identify some exeptions to this development)
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Extract of sample "Analyse the development of the police/crime series in terms of a move toward a 'realist' aesthetic (in terms of form and theme)(you may identify some exeptions to this development)"

Download file to see previous pages But the major issue facing the prison administration all over the world today relates to drug addiction. The combustible younger generation is on the rampage and the present efforts made by various governmental and non-governmental agencies, medical practitioners and the philanthropists in the area of drug demand reduction, are like blocking a furiously advancing avalanche with the fence of straw. Or trying to touch the moon by kite-flying! Or controlling the raising flood waters of the river by filling pitchers! Statistical studies are no doubt needed, but it is of no use digging the well when the house is on fire. When in war, the goal should be to win the war, no matter how you win it! Meaning thereby, all efforts should be to root out drug addiction. The initiatives should be implemented by honest people on a grand scale. The drug mafia is very strong and it is ever willing to pour dollars on corrupt practices, to achieve its objectives and keep the trade thriving! Health administration of the prison is aware that the process of de-addiction from addiction is like driving a vehicle in the reverse gear—it is slow and it has to be done with extra care. This is the grim scenario of crimes related to drugs.
Reformation and rehabilitation of the prisoners have been the watchwords over the past few decades. That was the thinking of the government and consequently that of the police and prison administration. That was a well-studied procedure taking into consideration the various economic and social factors that lead an individual to the world of crime and drug-addiction. As for drug addiction, peer-pressure and sheer boredom with life were the main reasons. Drug addicts and crimes are inseparable. One leads to the other. When the drug addicts are in the depth of their diseases, they are notorious for becoming manipulative and deviant in order to get what they want. They are on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyse the Development of the police/Crime Series in Terms of a Move Essay.
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