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Arnold Schonberg, Adolf Loos and the Viennese Circle - Essay Example

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Arnold Schonberg, Adolf Loos and the Viennese Circle Name: Institution: Architecture is a diverse field that can take many forms and engage all the senses in a person. The appreciation of an architectural piece can be in many aspects including visual appeal, the natural blending with the environment and the story that it tells…
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Arnold Schonberg, Adolf Loos and the Viennese Circle
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"Arnold Schonberg, Adolf Loos and the Viennese Circle"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, music tells a story through a carefully crafted set of audio. The best creations in architecture and music take painfully long to craft and they tell a compelling story that captivates its audience. It is evident that several analogies can be drawn between architecture and music in terms of their creation and impact to the society (Breivik, 2011). Inevitably, music and architecture tend to borrow from each other. Music can be considered as a metaphorical representation of a structure that can be transformed into visual terms and be an architectural piece. The relationship between architecture and music can be difficult to fathom for an ordinary person. Yet, a careful analysis of the underlying principles of any music piece shows a clear correlation with architecture. Music can be analyzed in three key parts that are rhythm, melody and harmony. These three features can be incorporated into architecture and help to create striking pieces. Breivik (2011) and Alexander (1999) pointed out that musical influence in architecture redefines a design and showcases the subtle artistic features that make an architectural piece to stand out. Therefore, it is important to appreciate the importance of the relationship between architecture and music. ...
He was a member of the Viennese Circle. The architectural ideas of Loos were shaped greatly by the ideas that were brought forth by the Viennese circle (Schezel et al, 2009). Loos was greatly influenced by the musical ideas of his colleague Arnold Schonberg who was also part of the Viennese circle. Both Loos and Schonberg had great influence on each other. In fact, the intellectual relationship in terms of architecture and music that transpired between Loos and Schonberg has had a great impact on the society up to the present time. Loos and Schonberg were active in their professions during the era of serialism. Serialism was a revolution in composition as it was during those times. Traditional melodic, harmonic and tonal conventions were replaced entirely. Arnold Schonberg developed the twelve note system that was a new thinking in the line serial development. In the serial theory, it was the structural series of notes that made up the overall composition. The ilk of Schonberg revoked standardized musical devices and instead opted to come with something that was unique. The main emphasis in serial development was order and clarity (John, pp. 87). Schonberg let go of the traditional aspects of music and endeavored to reinvent music in its entirety. Serialism in music was about composers coming up with their own musical language based on their ideas and intellectual inclination. Historical reiterations were not given any consideration. In essence, Serialism in music as embodied in Arnold Schonberg’s work was of disruptive nature in comparison with the conventional music at that time. During the time of Serialism, the cultural environment in Vienna allowed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arnold Schonberg, Adolf Loos and the Viennese Circle Essay.
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