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Discuss teaching strategies that enhance pupils' writing ability with particular reference to improving boys' writing skills. Focus on at least two different genres of writing in your answer - Essay Example

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Providing opportunities for girls had been the priority from early days, but, the trend seems to be shifting in the modern times. Equitable opportunities for boys is a very recent issue, especially…
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Discuss teaching strategies that enhance pupils writing ability with particular reference to improving boys writing skills. Focus on at least two different genres of writing in your answer
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Extract of sample "Discuss teaching strategies that enhance pupils' writing ability with particular reference to improving boys' writing skills. Focus on at least two different genres of writing in your answer"

Download file to see previous pages Though in general, both the gender find writing challenging, the differences in learning styles, and attitude to literacy, and cognitive abilities make teacher’s work challenging in the classroom to ensure delivery of equitable education. This paper gives an overview of the general difficulties faced by literacy pupils and moves on to have a closer look at boys and literacy, with specific reference to their writing skills. It also strives to suggest teaching strategies, learning resources and activities to enhance writing skills of boys in literacy classroom.
National Literacy Trust (2009) says that “national tests have indicated that writing scores lag behind reading generally”. Teaching language involves four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, of which writing is of the highest difficulty level and comes at the end. This partly explains the challenge faced by pupils in any literacy classroom. Writing is a complex skill that involves critical operation of the thinking abilities that works hand in hand with the knowledge of language structure, vocabulary, syntax and grammar. It is obviously challenging to learn this complex skill of writing. Literacy and language teachers adopt various teaching methodologies and classroom techniques to develop writing skill in their students. Different tools like journals, notebooks, and group sharing strategies are widely used in the classrooms. Equal importance is also given to pre-writing tasks as much as that is given to the actual writing itself. Beyond this, revision also is insisted.
In general, there are a few apparent reasons for writing being one of the challenging skills to learn. Firstly, it is a complex activity that requires the use and coordination of multiple faculties like cognitive and linguistic abilities. Also, genre-specific conventions are to be adhered to and require knowledge of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss Teaching Strategies That Enhance pupils' Writing Ability With Essay.
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