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A narrative account of a multilingual informant - Essay Example

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Multilingual Informant Name Institution Date This essay will be analyzing the distinct features of Diaspora, native and transitional communities through a multilingual informant. This essay will look at the issue of the means by which the prevailing language has an impact with the communities…
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A narrative account of a multilingual informant
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Extract of sample "A narrative account of a multilingual informant"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, this essay aims to utilize both primary and secondary sources and also online information to delineate comparisons, inconsistencies, gaps and flaws that are linked with blended communities. To begin the multilingual informant is known as Chinedu. He is multilingual speaker who practices at least three distinct languages within her community which is Igbo, Swahili and Pidgin. Beardsmore (2008) asserts that multilingual speaker communicate in divergent languages in their daily lives whether it’s in relation to their profession, education, family et cetera. This is because there is a special function of language they utilize, such as at home the distinct language mother tongue is most commonly used to communicate with their family, while if it concerns communication outside family life, especially at workplace they will speak in standard English as it is an official language used for internal an office administration. Chinedu was sent to Britain right after he graduated from college. But before he first came to Britain at that time, he had studied English for more than three, and yet he could not speak English at all. In order for him to speak English better, he was extremely fascinated about moving to the United Kingdom. He expected his teacher would teach him English so that he could how speak English. Although he never enjoyed English learning in Nigeria, he always adored his English teacher who had a lot of knowledge of English grammar and sentence structures that assisted him learn English. They taught him their secret skills in memorizing vocabularies is a systematic way, and they taught him how to asses sentences to right answers on a test without comprehending the meaning of the texts. There are many diverse multiplicities of diversity in the UK and Britain is now viewed as a multilingual community. A lot of individuals have come to this place for many sophisticated reason ranging from seeking asylum, employment chances, and education to support a better way of living. For that reason migration is transforming the linguistic landscape of Britain. The increase in immigrants coming from South Asian, Afro Caribbean and also Commonwealth countries has had a huge effect on what British speak, with languages from those areas seeing sharp increase in usage (Edwards, 2004). Most of the members of the communities are former British colonies. Those immigrants have immigrated to Britain and have created communities with other members with similar interests in connection to culture, religion and customs to fit and to have a sense of belonging. The community that Chinedu found himself in is a community which was created by individuals who migrated in search of better education or employment opportunities. Diasporas is seen as a community of individuals who are bound by some shared history, race or religion. Diaspora brings together communities which are not rather nation, not really religion, not really homesickness, yet they still have something to do with nation, religion, longings for homes which might not even exist. These are collectivities and communities which go beyond geological spaces and historical experiences. There are huge numbers of individuals who exist in one place and yet they feel closely related to each other. Thereby, there a lot of ways in which communities are created and this might be through language, music, culinary tastes, religion and so on (Lueng et al., 1997). Chinedu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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