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The increasing competition has drained much of the profitability of this nationwide bank. To successfully face the competition and to ensure sustainable growth and development, the bank introduced the idea…
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Download file to see previous pages The issues included that of the procedures of recruitment and the pays offered. It also included the timing of the job and had learning and resourcing problems along with employee relations.
The Banco Call Center struggled from the very first day. The bank actually had transferred many of the banking executives to the call center operation which at all did not suite the purpose of the call center. The centralised human resource policies were missing which ultimately led to high attrition rate at the center at approximately around 35%. The rate was quite normal in respect to the call centers but for a Banco unit it was exceedingly high. Also, the management did not have fair experience in handling the call center operations. The banking executives could not understand and meet the requirements of the call centre executives and operators.
In organisations like that of the call center which involves high degree of human value as the executives have to answer the calls personally, centralised human resource policies would have worked well. The centralised policies would have treated all the employees at par and also could have taken the requisite measure to keep the work force motivated and charged up. Also, in order to yield better results the bank could have hired experts to handle the call center operations as the organisation suffered from the inadequate experience. The centralised human resource policies also should have developed an all round policy that would have taken care of all the important factors like recruitment, reward management and also the training and development (Scullion & Collins, 2006).
Employee resourcing has been a major issue in the present day organisation. With the increasing competition in the industry, the companies try and attract the best of the talents that are available in the industry. It is observed that in case of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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BANCO CALL CENTRE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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