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Bank Call Centre Cybercrime - Essay Example

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There has been the tendency by human being to engage in certain criminal operations which have high rate of return and low risks. Criminal activities which involve the use of computers are referred to as cyber crime. Cyber criminals see such operations as stealing of financials information and hacking into other networks as profitable business…
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Bank Call Centre Cybercrime
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Extract of sample "Bank Call Centre Cybercrime"

Download file to see previous pages They have been operating remotely form major cities in order to keep off from the law enforcement agencies (Sherman, 2000).
There has been easy entry into the crime as there is evident collaboration networks of the cyber criminals who operate together in order to improve their abilities as well as skills for the new opportunities. There have been several major reasons why cyber crime has been so hard to fight with the traditional approach. The Hierarchical and static law enforcers have been depending on defined laws, internal procedures as well as regulations for operations against the criminals. There are quite ineffective tools for law enforcement agencies. The criminals' tactics and technology has been changing faster than the rate at which the law enforcement agencies can adapt (U.S Department of Justice, 2004).
The confidential details from the bank's database are stored in such computer networks and online thus the criminals are in a better position to initiate unauthorized access and use them for tricking the bank's customers. The networks and online information databases usually manipulate complex technology and bypass firewalls thus give the criminals chance to get access to security codes, customer and bank information (Arbero, 2003).
This inclu
This includes saving of password in the banks' official computers making use of the bank's official information in public or even improper safeguarding of stored data. The cyber criminals usually take advantage of such situation to access the bank and customers information.

Complex Codes
Certain operating systems possess codes which are so complex that they can not be manipulated or even decoded for one to gain access to the system. The professional cyber criminals find loopholes in the bank's security and hack into the system.
Lack of evidence
Lack of necessary evidence to bind the cyber criminals has been a major reason for the crimes' increase. They have devices several means of hiding the trail of the crime. In case the police are able to trace the information to the criminals, it becomes hard for them to use the trail in court of law since it is not physical evidence.
How the crime is committed
Banks don't usually send their customers email messages requesting them to confirm their security details. Such kind of messages is usually hoax. They are sent to the clients claiming to come from banks, insurance organizations, building society as well as pay pal informing the clients about certain updates of their security information. Hoax messages are usually sent by some crooks who sometimes happens to be working in the same banks and usually impersonate the banks with hope of fooling their customers into divulging their individual security information for them to snatch their money in their respective accounts (Sentor, 2009).
A good example of such messages include the ones sent to the customers informing them that the bank have changed their security system in order to assist the clients in avoiding occasional fraud transactions as well as keep their money in safety. Such messages try to convince the customers by recommending them to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bank Call Centre Cybercrime Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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