The implications of culture on development of regional marketing strategies - Essay Example

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A research performed by Merrilees, McKenzie and Miller showed that it would be futile to expect brand loyalty in well developed…
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The implications of culture on development of regional marketing strategies
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Download file to see previous pages Consumers in economies where the financial condition of the region is only developing are relatively more inclined towards considering the price before they consider the brand of the product or service. It is can be observed in this case that the economy of the region has a widespread influence on consumption behaviours. It would therefore be a question to consider whether or not the cultural values of a region, which are just as widespread and more deep-rooted, influence consumer consumption and the consumers’ responses to the market as well.
The study performed by Merrilees, McKenzie and Miller was one that was based on the differences between consumer responses to the practice of retailing across different cultures. It was found that the "cultural factors seem to be important in explaining the differences across the two countries... Retail marketing strategy needs to tailor itself to these different market needs, though the likeliness is that the Estonian situation will gradually evolve toward the Canadian one and Estonian retail strategy will have to be flexible to eventually move in that direction"2.
While the above statement appears to have provided a comprehensive illustration of the findings of the research, it can be observed that there is room for the evaluation of the consumers’ responses to marketing across differing cultures.
A research conducted by Laroche found that culture plays the role of a differentiator between the usages of mechanical avoidance methods across consumers of different countries. The research suggested that even though marketing and promotion is subjected to negative mechanical avoidance, the exercising of behavioural avoidance towards marketing and promotion was found to be reliant on the culture of the respective country3.
Laroche, and Cleveland and Laroche believe that culture holds a position that is of undeniable relevance when considered for its influence on the decision making process that consumers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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