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Critically examine the role of the mainstream school in the light of the concers and challenges for hearing impaired pupils - Essay Example

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The SEN and Disability Act 2001(DDA), launched in January 2002 a radical rectification of the Education Act 1996 which formalised the concept of inclusion of the formerly segregated disabled pupils to be integrated into the mainstream schools. It sought to enforce voluntary…
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Critically examine the role of the mainstream school in the light of the concers and challenges for hearing impaired pupils
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Extract of sample "Critically examine the role of the mainstream school in the light of the concers and challenges for hearing impaired pupils"

Download file to see previous pages ilities but to also serve their social needs through inclusive education, particularly those having ‘social, emotional and behavioural difficulties’ (St. Bartholomew’s, 2006, p. 3).
Analysts argue that with the performance of the deaf children falls below the national average, as children with hearing impairments are most likely suffering from social adjustments deficiencies that are further aggravated by inadequate support facilities (Burns, 2006); (Cline and Frederickson, 2002); (Greville, 2009); (Stillman, 2002); Nunes et al, 2005; (Rustemier, 2003). According to a National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) report 2008, only 33 percent of deaf students achieved a GCSE grade of between A and C as compared to the national average of 57 percent. This translated to a 42 percent less likelihood of hitting the benchmark. The provision for inclusion of SENs in the mainstream schools is therefore a noble ideal that will incorporate the UN objectives of equal rights for all children (UNICEF, 2006) and (NDCS, 2008).
Wells (1937) categorised school going children with defective hearing into three major segments. Grade I are those with partial hearing problems and can lip-read hence are more easily assimilated into normal classroom settings. Grade II, are children who need some sort of assistance due to slightly poorer hearing loss thus may require special educational aids but not necessary with the severely impaired. Grade III are those with advanced hearing problems that require ample special education needs [See Table: 1]. According to the definition of the Deaf Persons Act, Grade I does not fall in the category of hearing defects although this are children who must be carefully scrutinised to avoid falling into neglect due to their partial hearing problems (WELLS, 1937).
The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) and the National Autistic Society (NAS) assert that due to the lack of adequate special schools for autistic children, there was no ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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