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What kind of coping mechanisms employees use under pressure at their job - Essay Example

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The worker will be subjected to workplace stress which may be lesser or greater depending on the operational and functional requirements of the organization, Stress can lead to…
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What kind of coping mechanisms employees use under pressure at their job
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Download file to see previous pages Slovik (2009) said that no one lives without experiencing stress. A study conducted revealed that 70 to 90 percent of the respondents experience stress at the workplace (Stress 2007). It cannot be eliminated since the workers are human beings who are affected by social and environmental factors. An individual might misinterpret another’s action causing emotional stress. It may come from a superior, the customer or even from a subordinate who does not perform according to the corporate standards. Domestic and personal problems can be brought at the workplace that make the worker easily susceptible to stress. Even the physical environment can be a source of stress. Extreme stress, however, is detrimental upon the body, personal relationship and happy life (Slowik 2009).
Thus, with the inevitability of stress, the organization has to devise means to meet the problems of stress at the workplace. Even the most efficient worker under stress will perform unsatisfactorily. Poor performance will affect productivity and profitability of the company. Indeed, stress is a serious matter in any organization to take into consideration in its rules and policies. The company has to formulate policies and create a unit that would handle and manage workplace stress and stress-related scenarios. The organisation must also engage a professional with expertise on the subject that would train and inculcate upon the managerial staff on the proper way to manage stress among employees in order not to disrupt the company production and work flow.
Stress can result from the demand of the tasks, the demand of the role and the structure of the organization (Khan, Raza, & Ali 2007). It refers to a person’s response to “stressors in the environment (Khan et al. 2007, p. 2). Selye (1976, cited in Khan et al. 2007) referred to it in the General Adaptation Theory as a response involving biological and physiological aspects. It also refers to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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