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With a multicultural team, barriers to communication can be major obstacles. How can understanding the cultural values overcome this - Essay Example

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On the same pretext, an organizational culture is a set of values, morals, beliefs, traditions and norms which come from the industry specific regimes as well as that from the society under which it exists in the…
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With a multicultural team, barriers to communication can be major obstacles. How can understanding the cultural values overcome this
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"With a multicultural team, barriers to communication can be major obstacles. How can understanding the cultural values overcome this"

Download file to see previous pages The significant aspect lies on the basis of these societal and industrial cultures bringing about an imperative basis for the organizational culture to exist in the most basic sense. (Becker, 1999) One must understand that the organization cannot exist in seclusion and it has to remain in constant touch with the society in which it exists and the industry under which it finds competitors for its own selves and the strategic alliances, mergers and unities that form as a result of the same. Now the foundation lies merely on the manner under which the strategic and the tactical moves are adopted by this organization under study and how best it delivers towards the needs of the stakeholders, customers and employees working for the benefit of the organization itself, both from the short term perspective as well as an investment in the long run. (Marx, 1999)
Hofstede has focused his works on the cultural differences that exist at individuals working within the different segments of a business and he has raised pretty interesting discussions here. He has removed the impression that is present of the individuals acting like each other and working towards a common goal. He has said that the organization wants to reach at a particular point in time within the future. Rather he has looked at it from a different perspective. What he has stated is that it is difficult to come to terms with the cultural differences that the employees bring with them and hence it gets frustrating at times to get the work done in a complete manner. (Jackson, 2004)
One should believe that what Hofstede has taught through these cultural dimensions is true as little effort is paid to the fact that diverse employees bring about successful results for the organization. The organizations are also not in agreement with this ideology, which is quite shocking. However one should believe that the cultural managers and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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