The Impacts developing and evaluating technologies for addressing e provision and licensing of e-books - Essay Example

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It can be considered a shift from the formal and time consuming approaches. However, it is necessary to analyze the clients’ requirements and the operational environment to apply the…
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The Impacts developing and evaluating technologies for addressing e provision and licensing of e-books
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Research Proposal: Impact of Adapting Agile Web Engineering Processes Agile web engineering (AWE) has secured a prominent place in the web development industry. It can be considered a shift from the formal and time consuming approaches. However, it is necessary to analyze the clients’ requirements and the operational environment to apply the agile methods [4]. Its different approaches, success and failure factors shall be scrutinized so that a commendable implementation of agile web development processes can be achieved.
Agile web engineering methods are a common trend of the modern age of information technology. These methods have been a part of the web development industry for around ten years [3]. These methods and techniques have great results for web application projects while others prefer a more formal approach. Different aspects of failure and success of agile methods shall be discussed in detail during the research [1].
Topic Background
Web engineering is defined as “an agile, yet disciplined framework for building industry-quality web applications” [1]. There are several methods and techniques through which web engineering takes place. Some methods are more structured and formal; while others involve minimum aspects of formal planning and documentation. The latter concentrate more on the core development issues of the development and are called the agile web engineering processes [1]. These methods are mainly an invention of web developers and consultants; foundations of which have been derived from their past professional experiences. They term it as a more practical approach that also benefits the client. Some guidelines regarding the methods of web development have been combined to form the twelve principles, known as ‘Agile Web Design Manifesto’ [5].
Research Problem
The impact of AWE is different for organizations; some developers find it practical and therefore abide by it. Whereas some organizations do not experience the same level of success and face hurdles in applying this approach [2]. Therefore the research is focused on the reasons and operational environments which might support or deny the claims of agile methods.
Importance of the Study
The research will be helpful to identify the main causes of failure of an agile web development approach; so that those aspects can be corrected or mitigated. This can serve as a guideline for the necessary steps to achieve an agile development structure.
Research Objectives
To investigate the different methods of agile web development.
To critically analyze the success and failure aspects and reasons of agile web engineering.
To scrutinize the different products and clients needs in which this approach will prove to be successful or failure.
To analyze the steps involved during the transition of a structured approach to an agile web engineering approach.
Scope and Limitation of the Study
The different modes of agile web engineering, their success scenarios and failures shall be critically analyzed. The steps shall be discussed that are involved during a formally structured organization’s transition to a less structured web application development.
The research is limited to agile web development and not going to include agile software development methods or its comparison with web engineering methods.
Study Hypothesis
Agile web engineering methods may prove to be the reason behind the success or failure of web applications. These methods may also be helpful to increase customer satisfaction since changing requirements are welcomed in agile web development.
Methodology and Design
In the process of investigation and analysis of the topic in discussion, various qualitative methodologies will be utilized. The major sources of information and research methods that will be used are listed below:
Case Studies: Different scenarios and structure shall be analyzed to find their success ad failures.
Literature review/ Desk research; using secondary data of published papers and statistics.
Online and offline articles: Online and published technological magazines shall be utilized for the research of the respective topic.
[1] Memmel, T., Agile Usability Engineering., 2006,
[2] McDonald, A., Welland, R., Agile Web Engineering (AWE) Process, University of Glasgow, Department of Computing Science Technical Report, 2001
[3] Pressman, R., S., Lowe, D., Web Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach, Tim McGraw Hills,, 2009
[4] Murugesan, S., Deshpande, Y., Hansen, S., Ginige, A., Web Engineering: A New Discipline for Development of Web-based Systems,
[5] Chang, E., Kiesler, M., The Agile Web Design Manifesto, An Introduction, 2006. Read More
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