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Outcome-Based Evaluation by Schalock - Book Report/Review Example

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The piece of literature in consideration of the following review is the Outcome-Based Evaluation by Schalock which explores the field of policy analysis and explains the needs and interests of administrators, policymakers, consumers, educators, and funders…
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Outcome-Based Evaluation by Schalock
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Extract of sample "Outcome-Based Evaluation by Schalock"

Outcome Based Evaluation al affiliation Outcome Based Evaluation Major argument The piece of literature in consideration is the Outcome-Based Evaluation by Schalock (2001) which explores the field of policy analysis and explains the needs and interests of administrators, policy makers, consumers, educators and funders. The book does not only consider previous emphasis on disabilities which are developmental but it also considers other areas that relating to people including education, mental health, corrections and substance abuse. Schalock (2001) gives a premier of the principles relating to the application of outcome-based evaluation to an array of public services. The author explains that Outcome-Based evaluation takes account of effectiveness analysis, benefit-dost analysis and impact analysis. Schalock (2001) explains the need to focus on outputs rather than focusing on the inputs, the author also redefines clients as customers by decentralizing authority. The author further explains the use of markets rather than using bureaucratic mechanisms. Schalock (2001) also explains on the need to empower citizens through the introduction of private finance.
Schalock (2001) seeks to elaborate current accountability initiatives which seek to improve management by increasing effectiveness and efficiency and improving the government’s public confidence. The author explains that there is the need to ensure that outcomes meet the selection criteria which give a reflection of the need for accountability and progressive improvements.
How the Content Relates with Experience
The content of this reading material is relevant and relates with my experience as a high school science teacher. During the study, there was much conceptualization regarding to the reform movement, the outcome selection criteria and the rationale and potential outcomes of every targeted area Schalock (2001). This experience is effective in understanding the complexity that is present in making an effective outcome-based evaluation. While teaching science to high schools pupils, there are numerous challenges that one experiences. Since the pupils are in their growth stage, it is difficult to predict their outcome after a science class; hence the book plays a vital role in evaluating the outcome of the teaching session. To ensure that the pupils produce exemplary results in science, it is crucial for the teacher to ensure that they understand the lessons in class, following the outcome-based evaluation model by Schalock (2001) it is easy to come up with ways of knowing the level of understanding of the pupils. Reading the book, it is easy to understand the accountability dimensions and link them to high school pupils learning science. As a science teacher in high school, there is splendid and relevant information in the book.
Does the Content Make Sense?
Considering the content in the book by Schalock (2001) there is much sense in the content because it presents the various models and procedures in ensuring that the result of a certain activity links with the projected goal. There is much sense in the reading since the author considers accountability and quality as being supreme since it involves performance-based assessment according to Schalock (2001). The book further makes more sense since there are various aspects presented in the book by use of various real examples to help the reader relate the real results and the stipulated works of Schalock (2001).
Schalock, R. L. (2001). Outcome-based evaluation. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers. Read More
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