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Before going into the topic of identifying grading methods for the disable or special education classrooms, we must get to know what special education actually means. Special education is that sort of federally funded program which is formed in such a way that it provides the…
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Identify various grading methods in special education classrooms and give examples of appropriate uses of each
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Introduction Before going into the topic of identifying grading methods for the disable or special education rooms, we must get to know what special education actually means. Special education is that sort of federally funded program which is formed in such a way that it provides the special children with free and quality education for their better future. Various methods are used in these days for grading aspect of their education which are very helpful for the teachers of those special children as they get to know the abilities and performance level of their students. “It is up to the classroom and special education teacher to ensure that appropriate strategies are being used” (Watson, 2008).
Methods used for grading
Let’s discuss those grading methods which are turning out to be very successful and are becoming a need for special education classes. “A special education class needs a variety of behavioral systems” (Barrett, n.d.).
1. Individual report writing
In this method, students are given opportunity to write some report on any given topic. In this way, the teacher will be able to know the mental strength of students and will grade them according to their writing style and knowledge which they have put into the report. For example students are asked to write a report on their hobbies. Now, this will be an opportunity for the special students to write it according to their senses and get graded by the teacher accordingly.
2. Percentage grading
In this method, students will be graded according to the number or percentage of correct and relative answers to the assignments or questions given to them to be solved. For example, a class of special students is given a questionnaire to be solved by the students. Now, the student who will give the most correct answers to the questions will get more percentage of marks and will be graded as the best student. This is a very useful technique to enhance the answering skills of special students.
3. Shared grading system
In this method, the authority of final grading is given to both; class teacher and the resource center teacher. “In addition to the regular teacher, there will ideally be a special-education teacher whose job it is to adjust the curriculum to your childs abilities” (Mauro, n.d.). Both of them work mutually in cooperation with each other to finalize the grades of any special student by analyzing their skills and abilities in various conditions. This is a useful technique as the efficiency of any student is judged by two authorities rather than one.
4. Point grading system
In point grading system, the performance of any student is based on various factors which include class tests, written and oral tests, attendance, classroom participations and their daily homework. An amount of fixed percentage is allocated to all factors which determine the performance of any specific student of the special education class. For example, 10% of marks are of attendance, 20% are of homework and 50% are related to the tests given to them by their respective teachers.
5. Regular class teacher controlled mechanism for grading
In this system of grading for special education classrooms, a class teacher form regular students’ class control the grading system of special education class by applying no different measures on special students. It will result in encouragement of special students as they will be treated as regular students which will result in increased level of self confidence and self- assurance in them.
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