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What is the connection between drugs and crime And how can the government stop the youth crime in London - Essay Example

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A number of studies have attempted to discuss how drugs and youth crime affect each other, however, results were sometimes vague and misleading. Thus this study attempts to…
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What is the connection between drugs and crime And how can the government stop the youth crime in London
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Download file to see previous pages The paper also dwelt on the issue of legalizing some of these drugs. On a final note, this paper has presented conclusions and recommendations to promote a drug free and a crime-free society.
Drugs are a threat to today’s society. Because of this fact, there are numerous studies which have attempted to establish a causative relationship between drugs and crime. Indeed, there is a steady relationship between drug abuse and the growing crime rate. This is evident as we often hear about sporadic violence occurring in those neighbourhoods of our cities which have acquired a reputation for the being drug joints of the city.
There is a relationship between youths getting attracted to drugs and eventually towards crime (Bullock and Tilley 2002). Researchers have always tried to find out the answer to various questions relating to this menace. However, much of their theories remain unknown to the public. This may be the reason why drug abuse as a causative agent to youth crime has remained one of the prevailing problems of this modern world.
Thus this paper aims to discuss the factors why drug abuse leads to the increasing rate of youth crime all over the country. Specifically it attempts to discuss the rate of drug abuse here in UK, the nature of drugs used in substance abuse and how they affect a person’s level of functioning, mental and emotional state; socioeconomic problems which link youth crime and substance abuse together and solutions and recommendations which can help lessen substance abuse and youth crime rates.
Broadly, the term “drug” is used to describe “any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function.” (WHO, 1969). Drugs are used to treat diseases, but there is a subset of drugs being termed as recreational drugs, which are chemical substances that affect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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