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The Connection between Drugs and Crime - Literature review Example

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This work called "The Connection between Drugs and Crime" describes the correlation between the high level of drug use and crime. The author takes into account international evidence, the effectiveness of drug prevention measures, differential effects of drug use.  …
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The Connection between Drugs and Crime
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Extract of sample "The Connection between Drugs and Crime"

Download file to see previous pages Scientific research conducted in the past several years offers substantial evidence that proves the association between drug abuse among youth and increased incidence of crime. However, drug abuse among youth cannot be held has the only factor liable for such a consequence. It can be regarded as one of the several factors which may help in explaining the criminal behavior of certain individuals, such as the behavior of individuals who are addicted to expensive drugs such as cocaine or crack, heroin, etc., and have committed criminal acts to buy them. Although this can be viewed as a logical explanation for the rise in crime rates among drug users, it cannot be stated with a precision that habitual drug users always resort to crime to acquire drugs. Research has also indicated various social, psychological as well as cultural factors responsible for drug use and hence crime. Factors such as poverty, lack of social moral values, individuals with serious personality disorders, close association with anti-social elements in the society such as delinquents, drug peddlers or convicts, lack of education, etc. among others (Brochu, 20025).
Historically there has been evidence that substantiates the hypothesis presented in this study which correlates drug abuse with a crime, in studies conducted worldwide. According to studies, conducted in 1998, one of the most commonly cited drug-related arrests in the member states of the European Union, were associated with the use of marijuana (EMCDDA, 20006). During the same year, similar data was observed in France, whereas many as 85% of the arrests made were related to the use of marijuana (Ibid). Similar evidence was found in a study conducted in Australia, whereby 80% of the arrests made during the period 1996-97 involved the use of marijuana, while a significant proportion of these arrests i.e. about 71%, were related to possession of the drug rather than trafficking.
Studies conducted across Britain reveal similar results whereby a substantial proportion of arrests made were in relation to offenses committed in the influence of marijuana. Arrests made in the United States for criminal behavior accounted for 80.5% all of them were drug-related cases, while 40.5% of them were related to marijuana. In the Netherlands, the arrests made for drug-related offenses accounted for 81% during the year 1996. 
These findings reveal that drug users do resort to criminal behavior and that there is does exist a strong relationship between the use of drugs and increased involvement in crime among youth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Connection between Drugs and Crime Literature review.
(The Connection Between Drugs and Crime Literature Review)
The Connection Between Drugs and Crime Literature Review.
“The Connection Between Drugs and Crime Literature Review”.
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